"Successful design balances convention — familiar forms, terms, and interactions — and novelty — new forms to engage and delight the users, in the hope they will stick around a bit longer."
— Mike Monteiro

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I'm Nebojsa "Neno" Rajovic

Multidisciplinary Designer & Creative living and working out of Copenhagen, Denmark (born in Podgorica, Montenegro).

I work within digital product development, brand identities, concept, art direction, content creation and traditional visual- and digital design.

My design process and approach is always strategic and user-centered, bridging research, business, design, experience and technology to create well crafted solutions whether it be a concept, brand, platform, utility, product, campaign or even content piece – adding value to both clients and users.

I’m currently working at BLAST as a Multidisciplinary Designer & Creative – a company set to revolutionize the way we engage and consume competitive esports entertainment.

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· Creative Direction

· Graphic- and Visual Design

· Brand Identity and Rebranding

· Design Systems and Style Guides


· User Interfaces

· Websites and Apps

· Digital- and Interaction Design

· Wireframe, Prototyping and User Experience


· Content Creation

· Animation (Basic)

· Frontend (Basic)

· Consultansy

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Design & Validate




Learn & Improve

1. Understand

Kick off the project by talking with you about your needs, problems and desires. Goals that you want to achieve with the project, competitors that you admire or solutions that you like – besides looking at limitations and requirements.

2. Explore

Research your market area gathering valuable information and inspiration, explore best-practise solutions and occasionally do workshops depending on your needs. We might land on a creative concept, a concept direction, a campaign direction or even a MVP.

3. Conceptualize

With ideas and inspiration from the discovery and explorations I start prototyping or even visualizing ideas and solutions to get a feel of what works and what really doesn't work. I usally go through a few iterations.

4. Design & Validate

You decide which idea, concept or solution you like the best with my guidance and expertise as a support. The idea, concept or MVP gets finalized and I prepare everything for print, marketing or development.

5. Build

Build and launch a MVP (if building an app or website) as quickly as possible and we observe and listen to what users are saying, how they are reacting, how they are navigating as well as using the product or products.

6. Learn & Improve

Gather data and feedback from the MVP (if building an app or website) - hopefully we learn a ton, continue iterating and improving. It's with the data, feedback and iterations that we refine and get a clearer picture of the goal (or change the goal).

Creative Direction, Graphic- and Visual Design, Brand Identity and Rebranding, Design Systems and Style Guides, User Interfaces, Websites and Apps, Digital- and Interaction Design, Wireframe, Prototyping and User Experience, Content Creation, Animation (Motion), Frontend and Consultansy.


Balkan born and Copenhagen raised sneakerhead with a passion for art, design, fashion, sports, dance and music. Spending my time in Frederiksberg with my lovely wife and simply put – just enjoying life.

A few artist that inspire me:

Name Nebojsa Neno Rajovic

Experience +14 years

Languages Danish, English and Serbian

DNA 89,4% Balkan + 10.6% Greek & South Italian

Work Experience

Multidisciplinary Designer & Creative Vender - Neno

Denmark - Copenhagen

2012 - Present

Multidisciplinary Designer & Creative - BLAST ApS
BLAST.TV, BLAST Premier (Counter-Strike), BLAST R6 (Rainbow Six Siege), BLAST Spike Nations (Valorant), BLAST Titans (Apex Legends), FNCS (Fortnite), ePremier League (Fifa), BLAST Rising (Premier Qualifiers) & BLAST Pro Series (Counter-Strike)

Denmark - Copenhagen & London

2017 - Present

Founder & CEO - PadelShot ApS
Bringing the world's padel community together.

Denmark - Copenhagen

2022 - Present

Senior Designer - RFRSH ApS
Astralis, Heroic, Godsent, Origen & BLAST Pro Series (Counter-Strike)

Denmark - Copenhagen & London

2017 - 2019

Founder, CEO, Product- & Design Director – Tandbud / Healthscore

Denmark - Copenhagen


Advisor & Digital Designer - Operate A/S

Denmark - Copenhagen


Digital Art Director - TBWA

Denmark - Copenhagen


Junior Digital Designer & Art Director - FLOWe

Denmark - Copenhagen



BA in Visual Communications, Interactive Design, Animation, Interactive Technology, Videographics and Content - Danish School of Media and Technology

Copenhagen - Denmark


AP in Multimedia Design and Communication - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

Copenhagen - Denmark


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