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My name is Nebojsa Neno Rajovic, a Multidisciplinary Designer & Creative living and working out of Copenhagen, Denmark.

I have a passion for building brands and shaping graphic and digital products that makes a real and valuable difference to real people.

Brand, Product, Design, Art Direction, Digital, Print, Broadcast, App and Web.

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Be aware of trends. Don't always fall into the trap of thinking that fresh and original is necessary. # Sometimes, especially in UX, what is generally accepted as best practise might really be the right choice! No need to reinvent the wheel, or create a rocketship. Research conventions and patterns. ⁕ ✹ It's more important to design what is right for the user...usually.

I had the privilege working with some awesome people, brands and organizations over the years. Helping many parties make successful transitions from idea to execution. The list of clients include:

Betway Redbull Champion
Netflix COOP Novo Nordisk
NIKE Danish Radio Jack & Jones
Maersk Nordea Fonden OMEN
EPOS Rossini Caviar Triumph
Twitch Unibet Velux
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